Mass Tourism By Carol Obadha

Mass tourism and post-mass tourist experience

According to (Urry, J. and Larsen, J., 2011.) millions of people were removed by force from their settlements, a majority of them living in advanced countries leading to global customers. The global customer research centers on those who went away for work or pleasure exercises different from the new settlers. Mass Tourism began with the blue-collar workers in Britain. The Tourist Gaze was a phase launched to observe why the Blue-collar employee went away from home for short durations as a form of group exercise.

(Cecilia, S.G., 2011) states that characterize of mass tourist and tourism experience brings about conspicuous traits and behavioral change that include over-tourism, adaptions of foreign cultures, and saturation of a destination and culture, this is normally seasonal and involves a lot of environmental pressures. Mass tourism tends to concentrate on one particular area where beaches and skiing activities take place, this at times does not give the tourist a wide range of places to visit. Fear of terrorism has also brought fluctuations in numbers inbound and outbound visitors thus affecting domestic tourism

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